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    The Bird Espresso has been in the coffee machine business for years. We are proud to provide our clients with quality products and excellent customer service. If you are looking for a reliable supplier of espresso machines for your cafe or bakery, look no further!

    We know you are serious about your business and want an espresso machine that will last, so we only sell high-quality machines made with the best materials and modern technology.

    We guarantee your satisfaction over time by providing impeccable customer service. We want every one of our customers to feel like they're part of the family here at The Bird Espresso.

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    Understanding Cafes & Bakeries

    Cafes and bakeries are similar as they both serve coffee but differ in their operations.

    Cafes are establishments where customers can relax and enjoy a cup of coffee or eat food. In addition to serving drinks, cafes often offer other services like internet access or printing services. Cafes generally have more seating than bakeries do because they're not just selling products, they're also providing space for people to come together and interact with each other over their favorite beverages.

    Bakeries sell baked goods such as cookies or cakes; however, their primary focus is making these products rather than selling them directly from the bakery itself,  (although some do). Bakeries typically only sell wholesale quantities of their goods to avoid competing with local restaurants that buy from them daily.

    Espresso machines allow businesses like these to sell more than just hot beverages — they also allow customers who want something stronger than regular drip coffee (or tea). They can become a go-to place for coffee drinkers, come in for the coffee and discover the fresh pastry or cuisine! 

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    What Kinds of Espresso Machines do Cafes & Bakeries Need?

    Many kinds of espresso machines are suited for different types of cafes. If you're looking for a fast and efficient way to make coffee, then a semi-automatic machine may be your best choice. This machine quickly brews one or two cups at a time without sacrificing quality or consistency. 

    On the other hand, if you run an upscale bakery where customers order coffee and other beverages like lattes and frappes (frozen coffees), then buying a fully automatic machine is more appropriate.

    In addition to these, there are other things to consider when choosing between manual or automatic machines. You must think about what kind of business you have set up in terms of size and clientele and of course, your budget.

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    What Are the Benefits of Purchasing Professional Espresso Machines?   

    There are many benefits to purchasing a professional espresso machine. If you want to open up your own bakery or cafe, you will want to buy a high-quality machine to provide your customers with delicious coffee drinks. The following are some reasons why buying an industrial-grade machine is essential:

    • Produce high-quality coffee: Our company offers high-quality espresso machines for Cafe & Bakeries. We can help you produce high-quality coffee by providing you with the best equipment and training.
    • Give you more variety: Our company offers a wide variety of coffee machines, ranging from traditional, machine and grinder models to the super automatic, 1, step, 2-step or self service machines.
    • Increase the efficiency of your business: In today's world of technology, it is important to keep up with the latest trends and advancements. The Bird Espresso has an espresso machine that will help you increase the efficiency of your business. With this machine, you can provide a better experience for both customers and employees alike!
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    Why Should Cafes & Bakeries Work with The Bird Espresso?   

    The Bird Espresso company provides high-quality espresso machines for Cafes & Bakeries. We offer various products, including automatic commercial coffee machines and manual home brewers. We strive to provide excellent customer service and great prices on all our products! If you have any questions about buying commercial espresso machines, feel free to contact us today.

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