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    Coffee is everywhere. You can find it in homes, offices, cafes, and even airports. But how do you know if the coffee your business is offering is of high quality? When it comes to coffee, it is important to have various options to choose from. That’s because some people like the taste of a strong brew, while others prefer a milder flavor. 

    Choosing an espresso machine for your business is tricky as you may have more questions than answers! The Bird Espresso is proud to provide high-quality espresso machines that meet all of your needs-so whether you're looking for something simple or something more complex with advanced features, we've got it covered!

    We take pride in our 30 years of experienced knowledge that allows us to provide excellent service to clients. We have the expertise needed to meet your needs when installing your new espresso machine at your venue. We can also provide you with training on how to use it correctly so that you will get the most out of your purchase from us! 

    We're passionate about coffee and want to ensure you get yours just right! Our staff is trained in customer service and coffee brewing techniques to ensure your drink comes out precisely as you like.

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    Understanding Stadiums & Music Venues
    As you may know, these types of businesses are open for long hours and have a lot of customers coming in throughout the day. For employees to keep up with this demand, they need efficient equipment that make espresso drinks quickly and efficiently. This is where our company comes in! We provide high-quality espresso machines that can be easily operated by anyone who works at these types of locations-no matter their experience level.

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    What Kinds of Espresso Machines Do Stadiums & Music Venues Need?

    Stadiums and music venues are very loud places, so your espresso machine should be able to produce quality espresso without being too loud. Many different types of coffee machines can fit this requirement, but you must find one that works for your venue before purchasing it. 

    The next thing to consider is the power source. Most commercial espresso machines require electricity and, therefore must be plugged into a wall outlet, but some models can run on gas or propane instead of being tethered to the grid. The latter option is better for mobile use because there's no need for an electrician or generator. Just connect it to your propane tank and go! 

    You should also ensure the consistency of coffee quality. If all you care about is getting people their caffeine fix as quickly as possible, any old machine will do. However, if quality matters (and why wouldn't it?), look for one with consistent temperature control so every cup tastes precisely like the last one!

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    What Are the Benefits of Purchasing Professional Espresso Machines?   

    • Higher quality drinks - You can serve better-tasting coffee and other beverages using professional equipment. The taste profiles will be more consistent and balanced, with less bitterness or acidity from over-extraction. Your customers will appreciate the difference!
    • Faster service times - You'll be able to make drinks faster than if you were making them on a standard home machine because of their higher production capabilities (more steam pressure). This means fewer lines at the counter and shorter wait times for customers to get their caffeine fix!
    • Convenient for staff - Your employees will be happy when they have access to well-designed machines that require little maintenance time each day and even less cleaning effort afterward. Plus, there's no need to worry about running out during high-demand periods like breakfast rush hour, lunchtime rush hour, or any kind of "rush" period.
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    Why Should Stadiums & Music Venues Work with The Bird Espresso?

    You are a business owner who wants to serve your customers the best espresso drinks. You want to ensure they get the best quality and service when they come in.

    This is why The Bird Espresso offers high-quality espresso machines for Stadiums & Music Venues. Our goal is to allow you to provide a fantastic experience for both your staff and customers through our equipment, supplies, and services!

    If you have questions about buying commercial espresso machines, please contact us today.

Istanbul, Turkey - September 24, 2017: Istanbul Coffee Festival held at Kucukciftlik Park in Macka, Istanbul, Turkey.