The Ceado E37SD coffee single dose grinder is well suited to every brew method. Achievement of zero retention with the unique bellows attachment which allows for ground coffee to exit the grinding chamber resets your Ceado E37SD for another single dose. This zero retention bellow makes it uniquely well suited to those interested in lab brewing methods as well as those who are looking to make the most excellent espresso. In addition to the single dosing below attachment, the Ceado E37SD is equipped with Ceado’s quick set adjustment allowing for easy dialing in from one origin or blend to the next. The premium quality of grind and sturdiness in construction that is Ceado E37SD, coupled with minimalist good looks, makes this one of our favorite coffee grinders today.
No espresso machine is complete without a grinder of this level!
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One of the most significant contributing factors to your coffee grinder’s consistency and quality of grind are the burrs. The Ceado E37SD is fully equipped to produce the most consistent, fluffy, and well-distributed particle sizes on the market today in a grind at this price point. The 83mm burrs allow for the same grinding speed with an increased surface area without increasing the motor speed, therefore, degrading the delicate nuances of your exceptionally selected coffee beans. This will allow you to have great control over grind size.
It is this purposeful passion which originates Opalglide™, the innovative manufacturing method specific to Single Dosing burrs. The SD Opalglide™ burrs ensure a more refined treatment of coffee beans, minimizing friction while improving the outgoing flow.
Design dedicated to Single Dosing, innovative mechanical processing, ahead of the curve nanotechnologies.
Dialing in your grind for whatever your brewing method(s) is arguably one of the most frustrating and essential variables considered. Ceado E37SD single dose grinder has “Quick Set Gear,” so you’ll have no problem. Their patented worm gear has been taken up another notch with a natural disconnection point near the worm knob. With it disengaged macro adjustments are made incredibly easy. You can then re-engage the quick set gear for micro-adjustments that make all of the difference. When you’re adjusting your grinder finer you must always have it running so you do not jam the burrs!
  • The top printed disk for the upper burr carrier is magnetic & can be lifted off and moved to your desired position, unlike the E37S,SL,T, and K which are now stickers as of 2021.
Ceado has included some attractive experimental accessories with the Ceado E37SD that are ideally suited to the single-doser either at home or in a commercial setting. These three free accessories improve not only consistency in dose but also reduce retention and particle size distribution. We strongly encourage the experimentation of both RDT and WDT for those who intend on using the Ceado E37SD for espresso grinding. We have seen some success with the combination of both RDT and WDT.
The Ross Droplet Technique (RDT) is the act of adding moisture to your coffee beans by spraying them with a fine mist of water to reduce static. The reduction of static within your coffee grinder is going to help minimize retention, decrease clumping, and increase dose consistency. Ceado has included a nice small spray bottle with the E37SD.
Included with the Ceado E37SD is a WDT cup that fits right into the portafilter forks on the coffee grinder. For single dosing for any brew method, this is a convenient hands-free way of dosing leaving your other hand free to operate the zero retention below. With the metal cup, you’ll be able to implement WDT into your espresso routine to banish uneven extractions. We’ve tested WDT on many grinders, and the E37SD shows its proclivity for single dosing. With that, the Ceado E37SD is uniquely equipped to provide the best particle size distribution of many coffee grinders that we carry.
If you’re using the E37SD for espresso coffee grinding, Ceado didn’t forget about how to reduce mess. The free portafilter funnel helps the Ceado E37SD dispense coffee directly in the center of your portafilter.


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