As any home user knows, dialing in your grinder is imperative to your recipe. With the revolutionary infinitesimal grinding adjustment, Ceado has pioneered it makes it even easier to get the exact particle size for each brew method. The more straightforward grinding adjustment makes it incredibly easy, faster, and provide a more accurate result with the quick set revolution on your E37 grinder.

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The Ceado E37T has titanium coated burrs that greatly extend the lifespan of your grinding burrs! This doesn’t just mean that you’ll be able to keep the grinder longer and run more coffee through them, they’re also stronger. The stronger, sharper, the less work the grinder has to do and therefore won’t heat up as much one of the greatest compromises to your coffees.
The Ceado E37T sports an automatic temperature control system. There is a fan that only kicks on when it needs to. Very impressive for a grinder at this price point! Generally speaking, grinders that do have a fan are either continuously running just waiting to burn out or are just on when you’re grinding. This temperature-controlled E37T espresso grinder is much smarter than that!
Unique to Ceado the steady lock grinding system ensures that under any condition your Ceado burr grinder maintains a consistent distance between the burrs. The steady lock system improves consistency and eliminates one variable in your quest towards the perfect espresso. The bean hopper is made of durable polycarbonate.

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