Born for single-dosing, the E5SD grinder ensures in any working environment you’ll have virtually zero retention. Impeccably clean-tasting espresso is the mission of Ceado and the E5SD grinder delivers!
Large 64mm flat burrs and a powerful 300W motor make this an ideal coffee grinder for the light roast lover. Get the best out of your whole bean coffee every time with the Ceado E5SD. Impeccable quality combined with the zero retention bellows with steady lock simple micro-adjustments in another impressive grinder from Ceado
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Included with the Ceado E5SD are a couple of single-dose coffee tools for multiple distribution methods. Each tool’s specific purpose is the same though. They reduce the variables that often frustrate you about your espresso machine’s cup quality. Often times – it’s not your espresso machine, it’s your grinder.
One of the keys to Ceado E5SD’s zero retention coffee grinding is it’s retention bellows. The bellow attachment is tapped to force air straight through the grinding chamber resettling the ground coffee. By tapping with the hand the ground coffee exits the grinding chamber into the metal coffee container. The coffee container is held hands-free to the front of the E5SD by the container support.
Similarly to the Ceado E5P coffee grinder, the Ceado E5SD has an incredibly easy to adjust stepless grinding adjustment. Grinding chamber resetting is made easy with a single nut. This makes it easy to switch between different brewing methods. The single dosing grinder configuration of the E5SD makes going from espresso to drip really easy.
Unique in the world and to Ceado, the steady lock grinding adjustment system improves burr alignment. The system ensures that in any working stress condition a constant distance between the burrs persists.
This constant distance between the burrs on the steady lock grinder with single-dose coffee tools eliminates many common problematic variables. By reducing variables that have a negative impact on cup-quality you’ll get better results from your espresso machine. The steady lock systems’ unique ability to improve grinding consistency ensures high cup-quality every time!
It is this purposeful passion which originates Opalglide™, the innovative manufacturing method specific to Single Dosing burrs. The SD Opalglide™ burrs ensure a more refined treatment of coffee beans, minimizing friction while improving the outgoing flow. Design dedicated to Single Dosing, innovative mechanical processing, ahead of the curve nanotechnologies.
  • Ground Coffee Container
  • Funnel for putting group coffee into your portafilter
  • Coffee Bean Shaker
  • Ross Droplet Technique (RDT) Sprayer


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