The convenience of delicious espresso drinks is the push of a button away with the Monza Deluxe! The new super-automatic espresso machine gives you convenience and quality in one package. While costing less than a commercial espresso machine, the Monza boasts some of the same features. The digital controls, stainless steel construction, heated brew group, an auto-frother, and manual steam wand offer the features of a machine three to four times as much as this Quick Mill. If you’re hoping to become a pro barista overnight, the Monza Deluxe is for you!
Most with interest in a super-automatic espresso machine want the convenience and speed that a traditional machine cannot offer. Without sacrificing flavor, you get just that with the Monza. With maintenance at a minimum for a super-automatic espresso machine, your morning routine will forever be changed. With a weekly on and off timer and the possibility of programming the machine to turn off while you’re at work or during an extended down period at your small office your Quick Mill is always at the ready.
The Monza Deluxe’s grinder is of professional quality, as much of this Quick Mill machine’s internal components. It’s metal delivery unit and coffee grinder with a gear reduction unit produces well-ground coffee every time. When adjusting your grinder to a finer setting, please be sure to have it running to avoid jamming the burrs. If you’re unsure of how to do so please contact our service department: (518) 452-5995. In addition to all of the great features of the Monza Deluxe already mentioned – there are several available equipment options for your Quick Mill.


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