The Vivaldi II from La Spaziale is an industrious dual boiler machine boasting several innovative features and commercial certifications, including NSF. It features a near-silent rotary pump and requires direct plumbing into a water line, as there is no reservoir like there is on the Mini version. Because it’s plumbed, the Vivaldi II has latent pre-infusion capabilities, which can be programmed to occur from 1-8 seconds just prior to the pump kicking on. The Vivaldi II has a 0.45 liter brew boiler just like on the Mini, though the steam boiler is increased from 1.2 to 2.5 liters on the standard Vivaldi II for added steam power. A standard steam knob replaces the lever on the Mini. La Spaziale has packed a lot of innovation into both versions of the Vivaldi II. Both machines feature programmable timed brewing for both a single and double shot; both dispense water from a dedicated wand at the press of a button; both feature a 4-hole steam wand perfect for microfoam; and both utilize La Spaziale’s patented coffee delivery system, drawing dry steam from the highest point in the boiler to heat the group head.


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