The X30 Milk4 PS 1 step with a complete hot or cold touch milk drink system at the push of a button and the ability to produce 24 different drink selections with hot or cold milk coupled with customizable drink icons and naming provides your staff with a user friendly money making specialty beverage machine.
When you get those non stop orders of 8 oz. cups. or those 12 & 16 oz. Café latte to go, look to the X30 to get the job done.  
With twin Stainless Steel boilers for coffee water and steam power help tune your coffee water temperature to the right spot for your coffees sweet spot. and heavy duty heating elements to keep up with high demand while producing consistent temperatures for your espressos. You are sure to deliver a more consistent high quality espresso or cappuccino to your customers on time with the aide of a heated metal brew group. With the possibility to manage and control the pre infusion of your coffee delivery phase, all adjustable coffee and milk parameters contribute to getting the most out of your selected hot or cold coffee beverage.  The Milk PS  is available with optional single or twin milk automatic steam milk system. The x30 features a large easy to read touchscreen display panel with an intuitive graphic interface with integral cloud based network connectivity for the two way exchange of data between operator & service center * factory .
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CP10, S10, CS10


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