The Eversys Enigma mimics the experience of hiring your own barista, because it comes with a grinding and dosing system that controls itself: grinding, dosing, and tamping coffee the way a barista does. Every morning and on demand, the machine pours a couple of test shots to determine whether the grind size is appropriate for the recipe.

Then, on demand, the coffee machines grind a fresh shot of espresso, buffers it, and pulls it within 45 seconds, comparable to the average coffee drink. The result of this: We’re left with an espresso shot that rivals even that of the very best baristas. For those who want to froth milk in a variety of ways, there are even two methods.

Two frothing systems are available. For the barista who wants the simplest system, there is the auto-milk frothing system, which will inject steamed milk simultaneously with the shot as with traditional automated systems. This will satisfy all manner of baristas.

Furthermore, for baristas wishing to make a latte art caricature, one can simply insert an automatic steam wand into a pitcher of milk for silky steamed milk finish. See our Eversys Enigma Super Traditional

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